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Information & data protection

Without data protection, data loss will occur. Many factors contribute to data loss, such as hardware failure, human error, logic errors, malicious destruction or cyberattacks. So the question is not whether to protect data, but how to protect it.

Creating a modern, well-planned, and effective data protection strategy is a significant challenge. The task requires a thorough grasp of the on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructures, types of data, the value of the business functions that use the data, and the applicable storage and data protection technologies. This requires the interaction of technologists, application experts and business process owners. A data protection plan is incomplete if it only focuses on specific or aging technology or if the organization lacks focus on the proper security practices and integration between on-premises and cloud infrastructure. When there is no broad data protection approach, organizations open themselves up to unnecessary risk to one of their most important assets — their data.

We have helped many organisations to fulfil the compliance and regulatory requirements like GDPR. We can help you from Organisational procedures (data privacy policy, personal/corporate data classifications) to Technical measures (MFA, Encryption, DLP, AIP, Endpoint security) to satisfy the strictest privacy and security laws in the world.