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Application & Infrastructure Migration​

Organizations of all sizes have cloud strategies and are selecting and prioritizing applications for cloud migration. The key remaining question is, “What is the best way to move them? ” The scope, complexity and level of effort associated with each migration strategy vary, Byrex Application discovery and dependency mapping (ADDM) tool and process can ensure that your understanding of the organization’s environment matches the actual configuration. While the organization can undergo an ADDM effort solely for the purpose of a cloud migration, you should consider whether or not there is value in using a permanent ADDM process. 

Migrating an application to the cloud requires you to select the best fit from five alternative strategies: Rehost, Revise, Rearchitect, Rebuild or Replace. These approaches intersect with the commonly available types of cloud platform: IaaS, PaaS, functions, containers, low-code application platforms and SaaS .

Byrex experts can help you to choose a migration strategy of an application-by-application basis rather than defining a strict policy for migration across the application portfolio. This gives you the flexibility to make the best decision for each application while adhering to your organization’s cloud strategy and principles. We don’t take shortcuts , rather we leverage the optimal combination of strategies for a given application including proper sequencing to achieve desired business outcomes. We help you to define business, technical and operational objectives before choosing a migration strategy for an application and infrastructure.